About BGS

Extensive knowledge and experience

We possess much in-house expertise, knowledge and experience regarding linear and planetary gearboxes of practically any brand.

High quality
Quality assurance is one of our major priorities. We compose detailed damage reports, record measurements and test results, compile complete dossiers and perform internal checks.

Professional equipment
Our workshop in Barneveld has been outfitted with cutting-edge equipment for taking measurements and performing tests, disassembly and reassembly, and working components. For these purposes we make use of thermal techniques.

Short lead times
Short lines, clear plans, fast replies. This is what we like, because we know that this is also what you like. Our lead times are short. In emergencies, we can even provide solutions within extremely short periods.

Pragmatic and service-oriented
We think in terms of solutions. We are very pragmatic and act with your needs in mind. We see through technical problems to their impact and devise the shortest route to a solution. The best solution, that is, and wherever they are needed, we apply inventive product improvements.

BGS Barneveld
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