Reparation / Overhaul

Depending on the circumstances and complexity of the repair our services can be offered on site or in our own factory. For more complex repairs the high sophisticated machinery and equipment such as advanced measurements and analyzing tools and heat/cold treatment at our factory is used. After the repair and testing has been finalized the in house paint spray cabin is used to finalize the process.

Repairs on site typically require a very thorough preparation. Here BGS can build upon the many years of experiences in the field. Keyword in such operations is the flexibility and attention for customers and job specific requests. This makes BGS the ideal partner for all industries including food processing.


For a complete overhaul BGS distinguishes itself by the high level quality. Also the flexible supply of replacements components such as bearings, shafts and gears will benefit the customer to reduce the overhaul time.

Do you have any specific questions related to the reparation or overhaul of gearboxes? Please feel free to contact us.

BGS Barneveld
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